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At Advanced Dealer Systems we provide automobile dealers the ultimate in interactive client follow-up systems, aggressive lead generation tools, stimulating dealer websites and aggressive internet marketing strategies. Our premium marketing programs are specifically tailored for automotive dealerships to generate hundreds of new leads every month. We will maximize your online exposure, implement our intensive short and long-term interactive follow-up strategy, and substantially increase your sales.

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This system is designed around the needs of the customer in terms of research and convenience. The car buying process has many different stages and it can be overwhelming for most consumers. Having the right tools and procedures in place to assist the customer are critical. It is not enough these days to just have a website but rather you must have an infrastructure of multiple websites that do nothing but generate and harvest leads from the search engines all day long.

Follow Up

Complete interactive email follow up system. [—]


Comprehensive training of back-end support throughout the dealership. [—]

Lead Generation

ADS Keyword Targeted Websites
Organic Lead Generation and Harvesting. [—]


Our latest updates and upcoming events delivered to you regularly. [—]

Close More Sales

The internet is the number one tool used by consumers to research and educate themselves about the car they will buy and the dealership they will buy from. A dealership’s web structure and procedures are required to perform many duties. It has to educate, inform and must streamline the process of the sale. You will benefit by presenting a website and a follow-up system consisting of integrated tools that provide the client with the knowledge and information they need. You can now capture valuable lead information to effectively convert an internet “surfer” into a buyer.