Follow Up


Services Overview

Internet Lead Follow-Up

A comprehensive library of 30+custom follow up E-mails, designed to interact, educate, and stimulate communication with your online clients. Our step by step process of follow-up, allows your salespeople to track, contact, communicate, and stay in control of your online clients. Your salespeople now have a pre-designed interactive “road map” to setting the appointment and guiding clients to the showroom, and then making the sale.

Showroom Integration & Follow-Up

Integrate your showroom traffic to the ADS Follow-up system and use the same interactive follow-up library of E-mails that we use on the internet. If you don’t close them on first visit- no problem; send a “thank you for visiting” E-mail to their E-mail box before they get home, and then contact and interact with clients after they leave your showroom. Never lose track of a “walk-in” customer again. Permanently add your “walk in” clients to the system, and then follow up, track, interact, and market to them any time you wish.

Interactive Online Marketing

This is where it gets fun! Once a client has entered the system we are able to contact and inform clients at any time about anything. All ADS E-mails are custom designed with our patented “BILLBOARD” built in. This “BILLBOARD” can change and display any message that is desired, for real-time and on demand marketing campaigns. We can even change the message within the “BILLBOARD” on E-mails sent months ago.

Service & Parts Integration

Sold clients now become Service clients, and the transition is seamless. Automatically remind clients of oil changes, required maintenance, tire rotations, and etc. Instantly send out coupons, discounts, or incentives to attract service and parts business. Maintain, interact and track your clients through the entire ownership process. Merge the entire dealership into an interactive follow-up system designed to collect, contact and maintain your current and future clients.