Lead Generation

Aggressively Generate Your Own Leads

ADS Keyword Targeted Websites target customers while they are shopping or researching vehicles online. Microsites will drive more targeted traffic and leads to your website and CRM Tool. These sites are typically made up of 5 to 10 pages and can be promoted independently through traditional media and search engines. Keyword Targeted Websites give more vehicle specific information, or are built with a targeted market in mind, therefore obtaining higher organic rankings under that subject or theme on the search engines. Microsites mix about the search engines giving the client an impression the site was designed for what they happen to be researching at that time.

In simple terms, it’s how to make up your content and/or websites so that Google, Bing, and Yahoo can rank your content as pertinent to the keyword (or keywords) you are targeting, giving you peak rankings and placement in the search results. We do this on all the sites we build for your dealership … We really take no prisoners when it comes to search engine domination, we only settle for first page domination on the three common search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). We want to own your competition online, we want your dealership to be the top dog online in your local marketing area. We will make it impossible for car buyers in your area NOT to find you online.